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Please let me go. Please let me be oblivious in blue-green serenity. Please let me be at rest and be at peace. Tell me the absolute worst that can happen to a stupid girl. Tell me the most dangerous thing that can happen to the blind. If I claim nothing, then what can he take away from me? Nothing.


Let me illustrate my life as a smart girl. I will fight for school, I will fight for a job, I will fight for marriage, I will fight to feed my children, I will fight to keep my marriage, I will fight to live peacefully, and after that, I will fight to keep the peace. At the end of my life they will honor me as a fighter, a warrior, a woman who earned her pride. Please tell me what I can buy with pride when I’m dead. If blue-green eyes and blonde hair promises me a life in the backseat, then I can sell my pride just for the ride. So please let me go.


You’re holding onto nothing, you’re crying out to nothing, and I’m sorry to say, but you’re fighting for nothing.